Welcome to Basket of Tots!

This website is centered around video games (mostly old ones), movies, and just anything I find interesting really. Im still actively working on it, so you may see some rough spots here and there, but im always working to improve it!

This home page you're seeing now is all hand coded by me! So it may look like vomit, but its my vomit. Currently the other pages are still using *this* style sheet, but will be remade soon enough. I'm very thankful to that template, since it was a really helpful learning tool. So if you're on the fence about learning to make a website, i'd highly recommend checking it out!

If you want to message me about anything, just shoot me a message on discord at Dictator Tots#7627 or leave a comment in my guestbook!

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-Total remake of the front page!
-added some things to old pages


-added a guestbook!


-Polished up a few things
-expanded the links page
-laid the foundation for the about me page


-DS page
-adding the gallery ("foodcourt")
-better button
-remake of old pages

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