The place with the links! Some are obscure, most you've probably seen before, but either way they should be of interest to somone!

A really cool website cataloguing different yokai from Japanese folklore!

A good file hosting site for doing things like music if you dont have neocities premium.

Winamp Skin Museum

A huge collection of winamp skins new and old, usable with webamp.


Havent gotten around to using it myself, but a pretty neat little 3d text maker!

The virtual Library of Alexandria. It's a great resource, and if you're ever looking for any piece of media, they likely have it!

ZDoom Forums

The forums for GzDoom! I've been involved in the doom modding community for a long time now, and I always come back to check out what mods people are cooking up.


Hosts a great dithering tool that i've used for several images on the site.

Glitter Graphics

Collection of all sorts of graphics from all over the web.

Background Archive

Just like the name says, an archive of old wallpapers and backgrounds.

88x31 Collection

Great collection of 88x31 buttons


Way to search for old gifs from Geocities, hosted by

Radio Garden

Lets you listen to radio stations from all over the world\

Video Game Music

A nice place to download and listen to video game music.

song playing: Garage from Lego Racers